Explore the green islands


On Vestre Åmøy, only 3.5 km from Sokn Camping, you will find one of Norway’s largest visitor farms. Greet the animals and enjoy everything this wonderful place has to offer. From sports and games to trampolines, playgrounds, and gold panning. Bring your own barbecue food. Included with the entrance fee are ice cream/soda/coffee and baked […]

Alpaca Trekking at Åmøy Alpaca Farm

Welcome to Åmøy Alpaca Farm for a unique experience and close encounter with the animals. Only a 5-minute drive from Sokn Camping. Alpaca trekking means going on a guided walk with an alpaca on a lead rope. Alpaca trekking on Åmøy takes place in cultural pastures and forests with beautiful views over the Mastrafjord and […]

The cultural trail on Bru

Bru is the neighboring island to Sokn and is within walking and cycling distance from the campsite. Where there is no bike and walking path, the route goes on lightly trafficked small roads. Easy hike in a beautiful cultural landscape that is suitable for everyone on most days of the year. Especially great for families […]

Sokn viking grave

Within walking distance from Sokn Camping there’s an old viking grave located in a green lush environment following Soknasundet. The path is mostly gravel/farm road. It is clearly marked and is around 1,8 km long round trip. From Sokn Camping it is around 1,5 km to the start point. Parking is available. Well suited for […]

Fjøløy fortress

For over 70 years, the 270-acre area of Fjøløy has been closed to the public. The fortress was established by the Germans in 1941 and taken over by the Norwegian military in 1945. The area served as a coastal fortress until 1999 and as a training ground until 2009. In 2011, it was converted into […]

Utstein monastery

Norway’s only preserved medieval monastery Located in beautiful surroundings on Mosterøy, Harald Fairhair had his royal estate here. In the Middle Ages, it was a monastery for Augustinian monks and later a bailiff’s residence in the 1700s. Today, Utstein Monastery is operated as a museum, conference venue, banquet hall, and concert arena. The monastery is […]

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