Alpaca Trekking at Åmøy Alpaca Farm

Welcome to Åmøy Alpaca Farm for a unique experience and close encounter with the animals. Only a 5-minute drive from Sokn Camping.

Alpaca trekking means going on a guided walk with an alpaca on a lead rope. Alpaca trekking on Åmøy takes place in cultural pastures and forests with beautiful views over the Mastrafjord and towards Rennesøy. It’s a calm and adrenaline-free experience. You don’t need to be in great shape to walk with us and the alpacas, but you should have normal mobility as the terrain can vary somewhat.

The tour takes about 90 minutes. During the tour, you’ll have opportunities to take unforgettable selfies!

For more information, visit the farm’s website at

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The cultural trail on Bru

Bru is the neighboring island to Sokn and is within walking and cycling distance from the campsite. Where there is no bike and walking path, the route goes on lightly trafficked small roads.

Easy hike in a beautiful cultural landscape that is suitable for everyone on most days of the year. Especially great for families with children, as there is a lot to see and do along the trail and in the small woods you pass through. The trail is marked with posts with red tops.

The entire round trip is about 5 km. The distance from the campsite to the start of the hike is 2.5 km. It is nice to walk from the campsite, but it is also possible to park at the start of the trail.

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Preikestolen (pulpit rock) is an attraction you absolutely must see when you’re in the Stavanger area.

Photo: Dan Kristiansen

From Sokn Camping, it takes about 1 hour to drive to the start of the hike. It is also possible to take public transportation by bus all the way to the start of the hike. The hike up to Pulpit Rock is a total of 8.2 km round trip. Plan to spend about 2 hours and 30 minutes round trip.

Hike details

Walk 300 meters from Sokn Camping to Sokn Bus Station and take bus number 10 to Stavanger city center. The bus runs every hour.

From Stavanger, there are several options for further travel:

Express Bus Round Trip (Go Fjords)

The bus departs from Stavanger at 08:00 and 10:00. On selected days, there is also a departure at 11:00.

Book tickets here

Pulpit Rock Tours

Multiple daily departures.

Book tickets here.

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Fjøløy fortress

For over 70 years, the 270-acre area of Fjøløy has been closed to the public. The fortress was established by the Germans in 1941 and taken over by the Norwegian military in 1945. The area served as a coastal fortress until 1999 and as a training ground until 2009. In 2011, it was converted into an outdoor recreational area.

Fjøløy holds many memories from the days of the war. While hiking in the area, you can experience old cannons, barracks, and bunkers in a beautiful landscape with a great view. The hike from the parking lot to the cannon positions takes only 10 minutes, and for someone who has not experienced the horrors of war, it makes a strong impression to see these installations.

Another great experience is the trip out to the Fjøløy lighthouse. The lighthouse was established in 1849 as a fishing lighthouse and was automated in 1977. In 1983, the lighthouse was replaced by a light beacon. Both the lighthouse and the surrounding buildings are well-preserved, and it’s like a small museum out here in the open sea. You can almost see how rough the weather can be on stormy days.

Trail: Hiking trails of varying lengths. Worth seeing: Fjøløy Fortress and Fjøløy Lighthouse.

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On Vestre Åmøy, only 3.5 km from Sokn Camping, you will find one of Norway’s largest visitor farms. Greet the animals and enjoy everything this wonderful place has to offer. From sports and games to trampolines, playgrounds, and gold panning. Bring your own barbecue food. Included with the entrance fee are ice cream/soda/coffee and baked goods.

Open every day throughout the school holidays. Otherwise, every weekend from the winter break until November 1st.

For more information, see:

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